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Product Description:

Y-type filter is a indispensable transmission device in piping system, which is usually mounted at the inlet end of the valve, pressure relief valve, water valve or other equipment used to clear the impurity in the media in order to protect the valve and the normal use of the equipment.

The filter has advanced structure, small resistance and convenient sewage. It is applicable to the medium such as water, oil and gas. Generally speaking, the water screen filter for is 18-30 mesh/cm2, 40-100 mesh/ cm2 for gas screen filter and 100-480 mesh/cm2 for oil screen filter. Clients can request the production of filter.

Y-type filters made by Yinlong can need American Standard, the German standard, national standard and Japanese standard and other country standard with all kinds of pressure levels. It is designed according to ASME B16.34 with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.

Structural Features:

1. Sewage hole can be open for pollution discharge;
2. Screen filter can be easily replaced without the filter removed from the pipeline, only need to open the bonnet for direct replacement;
3. Quick repair, replacement filters and gaskets;
4. Screen is made of stainless steel and the mesh size can be made according to user requirements.


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