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Soft Sealing Gate Valve Z45X

 Features of Soft Sealing Gate Valve Z45X

Connection Form: Flange
Material: Cast Iron
Seal Surface: Wedge Gate Valve
Thread Position of Valve Rod: Inside Gate Valve
Flange: DIN2532/2533/2501
Face To Face: DIN3202-F5

 Description of Gate Valve Z45X
DIN 3352-F4 Non-Rising Stem Solid Wedge Gate Valve
Nominal Diameter: DN50MM-DN600mm
Nominal Pressure: 1.0~1.6MPa
Suitable Medium: water, oil goods
Suitable Temperature: ≤80℃

Pipelines and manifolds ;
Drilling and chemical treatment;
Oil, gas and water pipelines;
Sour gas and crude oil;
Abrasive and corrosive mud, cements, slurries and water flood;

  Valve Material Table
Parts Name Material Name
Body HT250, QT450, ZG400
Stem Icr18Ni9Ti,QAL9-2,HMn58-2
Stem nut ZcuAL9Mn2, ZHAL66-6-3-2
Shaft sleeve ZcuAL9Mn2
Valve plate ZG400 rubber

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