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Flexible Rubber Duckbill Check Valves XH81

 Details of Duckbill Check Valve XH81

Structure: Check
Pressure: Medium Pressure
Power: Hydraulic
Material: Rubber
Media: Water
Port Size: DN20-2400
Model Number: XH81
Type: Stainless steel hoop
Duckbill Shape: Curved or Straight
Connection: Flange or Clamp
Temperature: -30~110℃

 Description of Rubber Duckbill Check Valves

Open and close automatically in security and reliability according to hydraulic difference without noise and in no need of operator and maintenance.
Positive start has little water resistance and start-up pressure and the flow can be adjusted naturally according to hydraulic pressure.
Reserve cut-off has good seal without leakage to prevent from flowing backwards. The back pressure is higher and the effect is barrier.
Anticorrosion, aging resistance, deformation resistance, strong adaptability and long use life
Wide size scope, nominal diameter of DN50-DN3000.


  Sewage system
  Discharge system
  Dyke discharge
  Drainage of airport and freeway
  Sewer discharge
  Sewage lagoon discharge
  Smell separation

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