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WTX Elbow Rubber Joint

 Introduce to WTX Elbow Rubber Joint

WTX Flexible Rubber Joints also names elbow rubber expansion joints, bending rubber expansion joint, rubber bend and rubber elbow. The WTX Flexible Rubber Joints is composed of reinforced fabric rubber body and metal flanges or threaded live joints, which is widely used in the systems of water supply, drainage, water circulation, heating and ventilating, and air conditioning, and the piping systems of the paper-making, the petrochemical industry, marine, compressors pumps and fans etc. Elbow rubber joints are easily found in power plants, water plants, steel mills, water companies, engineering and construction.

 Features of WTX Elbow Rubber Joint 

Ideal products for connecting a ball valve and circulating pump;
High-pressure, high-temperature, corrosion resistance;
Reducing the vibration and the noise of the piping system;
According to different material requirement, product could be made as acid proof, corrosion proof to suit different medium and environments;
Cost effective,easy maintenance and long service life.

 Technical Parameters

Model WTX1 WTX2 WTX3
Working pressure  MPa(Kg f/cm2) 1.0(10) 1.6(16) 2.5(25)
Bursting pressure MPa(Kg f/cm2) 2.0(20) 3.2(32) 4.5(45)
Degree of vaccum  KPa(mmHg) 53.3(400) 86.7(650) 100(750)
Applicable temperature -15-- +115, special can reach-30--+250
Applicable medium Water, seawater, hot water, air, compressed air, 
oil, acid, alkali and so on

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