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Wall Sleeves

Yinlong is a professional China based expansion joints manufecturer and the wall sleeves produced by Yinlong can be flexible wall sleeve and rigid wall sleeve with excellent performance.

The packing material of flexible wall sleeve can be asphalt flax, polystyrene board, PVC foam board. And the sealant can be polysulfide sealant, polyurethane sealant. For the installation through non-concrete wall, make partial of the wall concreted around the wall sleeve, and the concrete pouring diameter shall be 200(DS) bigger than the diameter of wing ring. The wall sleeve must be solid into the wall in only one step. Thickness of concrete wall shall be more than 300 at the installation place, if not, thicken the wall at least more than D5+200. The weight of flexible wall sleeve is calculated as L=300, or other calculation if the wall thickness is greater than 300. 

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 Flexible Wall Sleeve
• Made by customers' requirements by standard of S312 or 02S4O4
• Materials:Q235-A
• Type S312
• Professional staff
• Design service
• OEM service
• Discount of large quantity


 Rigid Waterproof Sleeve

Standard: IS09001:2000
Function: compensator
Sizedepends on your requirements
Quantity follows as your order
Color:depends on your demands
Advantage:reasonable structure
Use:widely in many fields
Price:discount of large quantity
Quality:high-tech conditions and advanced workers
Structure :rubber layers and fabric material layers
Elasticity :compensate for extension and compression

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