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Power Delivery Joints

 Description of Power Delivery Joints

The power delivery joint produced by Yinlong can be VSSJAFG(CF) type single flange power delivery joint, VSSJAF(C2F) type double flanged power delivery joint, VSSJAFC (CC2F) type detachable double flange power transmission joint. Power delivery joints are designed for pipelines conveying particular and powder materials such as water, fresh water, hot water, drinking water, sewage, oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, refined oil, air, gas and vapor with temperature no higher than 250℃.

The power delivery joint is new product in the connection of pumps, valves, piping with pipelines, which use bolts to carry out the connection, and there is a certain amount of displacement with easy installation. It can withstand axial pressure of pipelines.

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VSSJAFC(CC2F) Detachable Power Transmission Joint
VSSJAF(C2F) Double Flanged Power Delivery Joint

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