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Ball Expansion Joint

 Description of Ball Expansion Joint

The ball expansion joint is a spherical joint compensator which is mainly suitable for the complex terrain of land subsidence, vibration, pipe connection. After installed on the pipeline, the sphere can rotate freely within the scope of the eight Angle at the center of the rotation, to compensate for pipe bending caused by foundation settlement, heat bilges cold shrink.

Yinlong ball expansion joint has a large amount of compensation, small occupying space, small fluid resistance, convenient installation, low comprehensive cost etc.

 Technical Data
  Working Pressure:(1.0~4.0)MPa
  Temperature: ≤350℃/≤500℃
 Diameter: DN40-DN1200mm
 Bending Angle: ≤30°(±15°)
 Medium: Steam, Oil, Hot Water

 Part Materials

No. Name QTY Material
1 Spherical Shell 1 QT400-15
2 Gland 1 QT400-15
3 Bolt Stainless steel
4 Nut
5 Sphere 1 QT400-15
6 Seal Ring 1  NBR, NR, FPM

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